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Will The Introduction of Robots Increase The Rate of Unemployment In The Future?

Will The Introduction of Robots Increase The Rate of Unemployment In The Future?

Many have asked will the continuing introduction of robot technology affect the jobless rate in today’s society. The introduction of robots in the manufacturing industry has already made profound changes in the manufacturing industry especially in the in the automotive sector. Just ask the employees at various automotive, food processing and electronics manufacturing facilities.

People jobs are being replaced by advances in artificial intelligence and advances in robot technology. This can be a good thing as it will and is increasing productivity in the manufacturing sector. After all robots don’t need to rest and surely won’t ask for a raise in pay. However these machines will need to be installed and maintained. This will require computer and robot technicians. This could be good thing with regards to creating good paying jobs. However this type of work force will be limited especially when the computer and robot industry learns how to create the software and hardware that make up these devices more cheaply and faster. The production and replacement of these robot devices will become plug and play. All you have to look at how the operating systems that run our computers and smart phones has evolved. Smart phones have become throw away devices after two or three years. The same is and will occur in the robotics and AI industry.

Although robot technologies have removed the need to use humans to do the more repetitive and boring tasks, they do reduce the need for employees. This of course has increased the unemployment rate in certain urban areas, at least until those who have lost jobs can upgrade their skill sets.

But whose to say once these people have upgraded their skill sets they won’t be replace more advances in technology. Just ask the people who work in the information technology industry. It is said people working in this industry need to upgrade their skills every three to four years. A computer technician working thirty years ago didn’t need to know anything about the internet. They didn’t have to know anything about AI such as voice recognition or speech synthesis, except in the most secret and primitive applications.

On a positive note these changes are being seen in the fast food industry. As technology advances those who own and manage these types of businesses are already making changes to maximize profits use artificial intelligence and related robot technologies. Some of these technologies actually allow the customer to interact with them. These AI based technologies will take your order and discuss the ingredients you want on you pizza. One major pizza delivery company has already implemented such a system.

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