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Why DevOps Is A Top Career Option for Beginners

Why DevOps Is A Top Career Option for Beginners

This post, I explore what is DevOps and why it is the Best career for beginners. In DevOps the first Main Process are

• Quantification

• Collaboration

• Automation

Understanding DevOps is easier than might be think

I will try to explain 4 simple strategies for DevOps beginners

1. What is DevOps

2. Prerequisites for DevOps

3. DevOps: The Career

4. DevOps engineers salary package

What is DevOps:-

The mainly DevOps Is a software engineering culture it’s main aim is development and operations. DevOps sets the philosophies and practices and tools to increase the organizations. In the software industry, there is no perfect model for the software development life cycle (SDLC). if you are considering DevOps as a tool then, you are not right! DevOps is not a tool or a software, it’s a culture that you can take up for continuous improvement. DevOps first try to understand the drawbacks of last methodologies. Because those drawbacks of the last models have given enough reason for developers to expand and come up with a new model.

Once we Enter Into the DevOps after we no need to go or transform to other courses why because this is never ending process always new tools are came and Continuous developing and improving.

In DevOps Main Tools Are:


• Dockar

• Chef

• Kubernetes

• Terraform

• Packer

• Nagios

• Puppet

These are important tools to learn DevOps Course.

Prerequisites for DevOps:-

There are no Prerequisites to learn DevOps Course even freshers also learn DevOps Course. But, already who have these Knowledge that guys easy to understand compare to freshers, I given below these are enough to learn DevOps course. Becoming a DevOps Engineer requires a particular mindset. To begin with, DevOps engineer would not ignore away from either installations Operations task like and configurations or development tasks like understanding build process, automating tasks. There is one team that is collaborating with each extra at every phase whether it is development, testing, deployment or operations.

1. Basic concepts of Linux/Unix system

2. knowledge with Command Line Interface (CLI)

3. Java Basics

4. skill with a Text Editor

5. Experience with managing systems/applications/infrastructure or with deployments/automation

DevOps: The Career:-

I think the answer to your question really depends on what you are passionate about. I would choose passion over all other considerations or else you will flame out and the money won’t help (I’ve been there). Any position you pursue in tech is going to require your complete dedication to achieve success Starting a DevOps career is more complex than landing a more traditional tech job. However, I imagine the DevOps area has a lot of development potential in the future. I have learned through experience in large and tiny organizations that if you are operations staff you’d better be automating your job, and if you are a developer you have to face the certainty of getting down and dirty with operations if you are to stay significant. Developers who won’t administer/monitor and admins who won’t develop will increasingly become less and less valuable to organizations needing to stay competitive.

DevOps is exciting because you are constantly working with and integrating new technologies and solving new challenges. Essentially your job is to find a happy balance between operations and developers. This requires that aspects of IT be securely shared so that you don’t have the blame game (which I myself have been a party to). Developers need to continually push code and operations want to keep everything running smoothly. The more integrated the systems and processes in use, the easier it is for each to do their job.

DevOps engineers salary package:-


DevOps is great if you like to survey and work with a variety of technologies and processes. I think one of the first things to consider is the packaging of IT that the tech teams use to afford the organizations products and services. The better packaged and more malleable the packaging the easier it is to keep everything standardized and reusable.

If you like playing with configuration management systems (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc… ) and digging into imaging systems such as Docker you will like DevOps. I would caution that it is VERY important to create highly configurable packaging of the IT systems in use so that they can evolve as the organization’s needs change. This also makes it easier to modify for production, QA, staging, and development environments.

For a fresher, It based on the company as well as your performance. As per conversation with my colleagues who are working in various MNC,s in India, told me, salaries for fresher varies from 3 LPA- to 6 LPA according to command over the language and skills. In Obviously, layout and demand will substantially contact the salaries. But still, if you are a fresher and have good knowledge of DevOps tools, you could easily demand 7 -8lakhs in a product based companies. Right now DevOps is a booming technology and if you could get 3 years experience in any company, you could easily reach 10 to 12 lakhs package in reputed companies and you will have a very good growth from there on.

I hope the above content will prove to be informative for all of you.