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Use Website Designing Software to Build Your Own Website

Use Website Designing Software to Build Your Own Website

The internet has really grown over the past five years and it seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry have a website or a blog. But since when did everyone suddenly know how to use the internet, build a website, learn HTML and know how to register domain names? Surely they must have been to special IT classes or gone to university to study computing. Well, no they didn’t. Designing and building a website is actually so simple that most people can do it.

There are three steps to designing and launching a website onto the world wide web; buying a domain name, paying for hosting, and using website designing software to actually create the web pages.

Domain Names
The domain name is the web address that you type into your browser, for example, www. domainname. co. uk This can be just about anything and you should choose yours in relation to the function that your website is to carry out. If it will be a personal blog then it could be your name or an alias. If you are using the site for your business then it could be the company name or something to do with the services you offer or products you sell. You can buy a domain name for as little as a couple of pounds every year.

So that the files and information that your website has on it can be displayed, you have to pay for hosting which will then translate your web code into readable and viewable words and images. This may sound complicated but once you have done a little research on building a website it will become clearer. Again, hosting can be bought over the internet and is available for under £5 every year.

Website Designing Software
There are many website designing software packages available and normally you will download them straight onto your computer as opposed to buying a physical object. These packages will allow you to design anything from a simple one-page website to a more complex multi-page site that allows users to interact. You can design and ecommerce store so that you are able to sell products although this will require more software such as site security and once you get into this it helps if you are an expert. Two of the most easy to use website designing packages are Dreamweaver and Xsitepro.

These three steps will put you on course to designing and launching your own website. Remember, the internet is a powerful thing and as such you should treat it wisely. Do not upload offensive material or do anything illegal with your website. Google is very quick to ban any websites from its index that are found to break the internet code of conduct.

Now get started with designing your website and have fun kneeing that people from around the world are now able to see your creation.