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The Top 7 Trends in Developing iOS Apps for 2018

The Top 7 Trends in Developing iOS Apps for 2018

Over the years, the development of iOS apps has changed significantly. It is exciting to see the latest trends in this area. We’ve seen some of the most important updates on iOS 11 and brought along many features. With Apple bringing such great updates, iOS trends will surely become more relevant.

Let’s review the upcoming trends in iOS application development in the coming year, 2018, and beyond.

1. In September 2017, iOS 11 revealed a list of some of the best features. One of the most important was the much noticed update, the Augmented Reality Apps.

Amazon announced a numerical application platform supported by Apple’s ARKit. This special platform is well compatible with Apple’s ARKit framework, which allows iPhone and iPad application developers to create augmented reality along with virtual reality and other 3D apps. Big brands have already begun to invest in the development of various platforms to support the ARKit framework. Therefore, we expect to see many more AR / VR apps for iPhone and iPad users in the future.

2. Apple brought along its machine learning framework known as Core ML. Currently, Apple uses this machine learning framework in various products such as Siri, Camera, and QuickType. iPhone developers can easily use this Core ML in their iOS applications to make them feature rich. To accomplish this, you may need to include some code lines within the apps in the framework code. Core ML has several libraries that incorporate computer vision techniques to recognize faces, the development of AI games, as well as the processing of natural languages. All of these 3 libraries will be the User interaction with deviceschange. It will increase security by allowing the apps to recognize faces to serve a few features. The gaming industry will surely experience some power in real gaming. With Core ML, iPhone developers will create highly interactive applications over the coming years.

3. Apple’s Swift programming language continuously improves its position in the app development market. It is Apple’s general programming language, precompiled for Mac OS, TVOS, and iOS. Apple introduced Swift 4 that Swift is much more powerful. It will remain to be easy to learn. Swift 4 is equipped with all Swift 3 strengths and has the ability to create both robust and scalable applications. Because of this update, iOS developers will be able to make the apps faster. This is done without compromising security features during app development. Apps developed with Swift 4 consume less storage space. In the year 2018, Swift 4 will provide much faster and safer iOS apps.

4. Siri remains a favorite among iOS device users as an intelligent personal assistant. Since its introduction, it has generated waves. It continues to improve, as Siri continues to understand what we are talking about and what we are looking for. Now, contextual learning together with artificial intelligence, Siri offers a GPS pin during messaging. Siri also appears as a task manager. It allows the user to access the Citi Mobile App and much more. Siris KI will become a major trend in 2018.

5. Apple’s Home Kit is an Apple framework specifically designed for home automation. The idea is that the intelligent devices that are present in the household can communicate with each other. Siri can be used to guide her. At the iPhone Application development will take the creation of apps with Apple HomeKitz. It gives the attached devices the ability to obey orders. They are triggered by these commands or Siri. A centralized app can also be created to fully rationalize the home automation process. Apple’s HomeKit will be sure to set trends in 2018 and beyond.

6. One of the main features of iOS 11 is the app called File Management Files. With this application, iOS users can manage different cloud apps in a single location.

With the Files app, the user can easily create their own dashboard to manage things in the cloud apps. It will not be necessary to manage things in different places. With this trend, as well as a feature of iOS 11, iPhone app developers can innovate. You can develop more robust iPhone applications. It allows users to improve connectivity with various file apps as well as the iOS experience.


iOS will continue to trend as Apple introduces new updates and features. It will continue to be an issue because of its customer service. With the great features of iOS, developers will create more intuitive and trendy apps. If you want to create such an app, you can hire an iOS developer who understands these trends. It will help you to develop and help develop better apps. It will also help you position your position in the marketplace for app development.