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The Nikon D90: Acclaim Justified

The Nikon D90: Acclaim Justified

The Nikon D90 is a DSLR camera that has claimed critical acclaim from both newbie and professional photographers alike. In fact, this camera is the most popular camera for users of the photo sharing website Flickr. In fact, around 80000 photos produced by the D90 are being posted in Flickr per day. The successor of the D80, it is the winner of the Best Advanced Digital SLR Camera award of the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) in 2009, the D90 was selected due to its high image quality and its durability in all terrains, ending up providing excellent value for your camera money.

The Nikon D90 employs the legendary F-mount lens system, meaning that this camera is compatible to just about every Nikon F-mount lens that was ever produced. A built in autofocus motor further improves the shooting experience. The D90 improved upon the D80 in almost all angles. The most noticeable improvement is the increase in picture resolution. The resolution is now pegged at 12.3 megapixels. Other improvements over the D80 include an improved light sensitivity system and the ability automatically correct chromatic aberrations. The 3-inch monitor also is made with the highest quality, with its resolution being the best in its class. But the D90 made the biggest waves by being the first DSLR camera ever to feature a video function. Capable of shooting videos of up to 720p HD, this camera started a trend as other DSLR cameras have started to include video recording on their functions.

People who own this camera praise it for being great to use especially for advanced level camera enthusiasts. At the same time, this camera is easy to use as its menus and buttons are simple enough. The construction is very solid, and it is easy to grip, even for people with relatively small hands. As for the photo quality, well, it is nothing short of amazing. The image quality is great, even beating out some of its more expensive competitors. The sharpness and colours of the images are nothing short of phenomenal. And if that is not enough, you can even do editing in your camera if a computer is not around. This is perfect for rush jobs or when you just feel like editing immediately. Various aids are also made available in this camera to help you create images as close to perfect as possible. Other than the aforementioned auto focus mode, there are aids such as Active D-Lighting. Active D-Lighting helps in the exposure process so that shadow and highlight details are preserved. Even the lens included in the kit, the 18-105 VR lens, performed very well, which is something unexpected as some DSLR cameras have a reputation of having mediocre kit lenses.

Probably the most glaring weakness of the Nikon D90 is its video shooting capabilities. While the graphics are still great, this is no camcorder. It is pretty obvious that DSLR video technology is still in its formative stages. Then again, a DSLR camera is made to create still photos, and none can take away the fact that the D90 is amazing in doing just that. It is safe to say that all the accolades and acclaim that this camera has received (and may continue to receive) are all well deserved.