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The Nature of Reality 101

The Nature of Reality 101

It’s time! I really feel it’s time for us to take a look at what true reality is. Unfortunately I am stuck with using the same example as everyone else because to date there has been only one similar example and it was such a good one and that is: The Earth is round!

Long ago people used to think that the earth was flat. I remember very vividly a model or maybe a picture of a model of a flat earth in a dome with the stars, moon and sun stuck to the roof. They thought that ships would fall of the edge if they travelled to the horizon and we laughed! I think people may laugh at us one day when they see a globe – a model of what we think the Earth looks like.
Before you get a bee in your bonnet, think of how Galileo was ridiculed when he came along and said to the flat earth thinkers that he believes the Earth is a huge ball, sitting in space, travelling around the sun.

Well for some time now Scientist and Quantum Physicists have been trying to tell us that all is not quite as it seems. The majority of us have either been ignorant to there assertions our just wrote it of as nonsense. Well a lot of what they have to say is gaining some support i.e. some people are starting to take notice and consider it to be true. I think we should not bury our head in the sand, but at least give it some consideration on the off chance that they are right.

Before we look at some of the things that are being propagated. Let me prepare the ground.

Firstly we know for a fact that our 5 senses do not experience all that is going on around us.

Let’s take sight for instance; we see the five colours of the rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. ROY G BIV is the first acronym I remember learning and it was easy for me being called Roy. We know there is much more going on out there that we can’t see with our naked eye. Infrared is one spectrum that we can see with special glasses and the there is many more that we are aware of but can’t see: Ultraviolet, X-Rays and Gamma rays for example. Then when we talk about hearing we know for a fact that dogs and cats here more than we do and bats and dolphins too. So already we can see that there is far more going on out there than meets the eye, literally.

So let’s take a look at some of what is being said. Well firstly more than 50 years ago Albert Einstein said a few outrageous things: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”, for instance. Physicist John Wheeler, a one-time colleague of Einstein, has stated “useful as it is under everyday circumstances to say that the world exists ‘out there’ independent of us, that view can no longer be upheld”. More recently, physicist Professor Fred Alan Wolf has stated that “there is no ‘out there’ out there”. Physicist Professor Amit Goswami states that “Energy, Consciousness and Matter are the same thing”.

These are rather radical statements, but are they anymore radical than someone saying that the earth is round when you, your parents and your grand-parents all grew up knowing it was flat?

There are things stirring, there are changes afoot. We can not just ignore it or leave these things to someone else to make sense of. We need to look into them and make some kind of decision on them ourselves. I found out about these things while investigate the validity of the law of attraction and have now discovered that the law of attraction is the tip of a rather large mind-boggling ice-burg.

I have not yet decided just how much I will go into this issue on my blog, but I felt to at least bring some of the things that are “stirring” to your attention. I feel that part of mastering self and personal growth is being aware of what is out there and in this case trying to ascertain whether there is an out there out there or not! Although this blog is not religious (by far) I feel this quote, also by my buddy Albert is relevant: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.