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Technical Diving Is Made Easy With Aeris A300 Ai

Technical Diving Is Made Easy With Aeris A300 Ai

Aeris A300 Ai was introduced to our scuba diving market at the very beginning 2012. This new advanced Aeris dive computer was made for technical diving, as it supports up to 4 nitrox gas mixes, has integrated digital compass, improved user interface and Dual Algorithm.

Aeris A300 Ai: Displays and Interface

Aeris A300 Ai was designed with extensive number of menus and sub-menus, as this advanced dive computer was made for technical diving. In fact, it supports up to 4 nitrox gas mixes with FO2 21-100{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab}.

But at the same time, A300 Ai has intuitive interface that allows the diver customizing all settings very easy.

This Aeris dive computer has main and alternative displays for surface and dive modes operations. To help a diver better assessing nitrogen loading and ascent speed, dive computer has two color-coded bar graphs on the left and right sides of the display.

Computer is built with Dual Algorithm that means – we may choose between conservative and more liberal diving to accommodate our particular needs: Pelagic DSAT and Pelagic Z+.

Pelagic DSAT – use it for liberal diving, and to add more conservatism you may adjust TLBG alarm and set your Personal Conservative Factor to ON.

Pelagic Z+ – use it for conservative diving, and by choosing this algorithm, you will increase conservative factor by 15 – 20{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab} right away. This option is a great benefit for those people who are involved in frequent and challenging diving conditions, divers who are overweight, and people who dive in cold water conditions or those who didn’t dive for a long period of time.

Integrated digital compass is available at any time on surface and underwater.

Aeris A300 Ai: Diving

Aeris A300 Ai can be used for diving with Air, Nitrox, and in Gauge mode.

For diving with nitrox mixes, we need to set one or more gas mixes, set PO2, and adjust appropriate FO2 to values that are higher than 21{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab} of O2. The most popular nitrox gas mixes for recreational diving are mixes with FO2 32{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab} and FO2 36{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab}.

When Aeris A300 Ai was set for diving with nitrox, it calculates and displays corresponding values for this particular dive mode. And the most important of them are current PO2 value and maximum depth, according to set points of FO2 and PO2.

A dive computer shows all the vital information you need:

  • current depth;
  • No-Decompression time remaining;
  • Elapsed Dive time;
  • Air Time remaining;
  • temperature

This Aeris dive computer is the hose air-integrated instrument, so it is constantly monitoring tank pressure of the 1st cylinder and it has all appropriate set of alarms for low pressure conditions. Air integration works only for the 1st tank and therefore all measurements and alarms are valid only for this cylinder.

If user set Aeris A300 Ai for Gauge mode – dive computer doesn’t calculate No-Decompression Limits (NDL), and it works as a depth gauge and timer only.

Aeris A300 Ai: Surface Modes

Aeris A300 Ai offers Dive Planner, PC interface, Logbook and History, Time to Fly and Desaturation countdown timers, which users can access on surface.

Logbook stores the most recent 24 dives, including dive start time & date, total dive time, accumulated level of oxygen, any violations during a dive, maximum depth and the temperature. All this dive data can be saved on PC for future viewing and organizing.

Aeris A300 Ai: Ease of Use

Perhaps the main reason that Aeris A300 Ai may become very popular among the technical divers and beginners is that this dive computer is very easy to set and use – you can basically forget about how to use it and concentrate on diving! Aeris have equipped A300 Ai with user-replaceable battery and data retention feature. This is very useful feature, especially you are on the boat and need to replace a battery quickly.

Aeris A300 Ai: Conclusion

Aeris A300 Ai is ideal for any scuba diver who requires air integration and doesn’t mind to have hose air-integrated computer. If you need reliable dive computer with 4 gas mixes, Dual Algorithm for liberal and conservative diving, integrated digital compass, and you are ready to invest a bit higher price in your diving experience – Aeris A300 Ai is definitely worth your attention, as it continues the line solid and multifunctional Aeris dive computers!