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Teaching Resources to Help You Make Use of Interactive Whiteboards

Teaching Resources to Help You Make Use of Interactive Whiteboards

What are Interactive Whiteboards?

You may be wondering, what are interactive whiteboards anyway? Well, the are one of the many new cutting edge teaching resources available in schools today and many schools are now using them to replace flip-charts, traditional whiteboards, chalkboards, overhead projectors and other mainstay traditional teaching resources. They allow teachers to easily show anything that is on a desktop of laptop computer, including websites, games and educational software.
Whiteboards can help teachers to easily record instruction materials from class so it can be posted for students to review later. This is great for students that learn better with repetition and need to see the materials again and again. It is also ideal for those struggling to grasp a particular concept, those who miss a class, or those who need to revise for a test. With this new technology, instruction and learning can be totally transformed.

Many Resources are Available:
The great news is that there are many teaching resources that are available to use along with these interactive whiteboards. There are software packages available, websites that are designed to use with these boards, and some resources that may be specific to certain brand names as well. Many whiteboards even come with built in resources and templates to make it easier for teachers to implement this new technology into the classroom.

Excellent Ways Teachers Can Make Use of Interactive Whiteboards:
There are so many different ways that teachers can make use of these interactive whiteboards. With all the technology provided, learning has been totally transformed. Here are a few ways that you can start using whiteboards to make teaching easier for you and the learning experience better for your students.
* Save classroom lessons for students who miss class
* Present presentations that have been teacher or student created
* Teaching keyboarding or computer skills to an entire group
* Creating lessons and video files that can be posted on the web or servers for students to access again later.
* Teaching various steps needed to complete maths problems.
* Showing students how to most effectively navigate the web.
* Brainstorming ideas with students as a class.
* Teaching new vocabulary and spelling words.
* Sharing projects that students have completed within parent-teacher conferences.
* Creating lessons at home that can be then used at school, then saving those lessons to be used again or shared with others.

These are of course only a few of the ways that teachers can use these new teaching resources within the classroom. Interactive whiteboards provide many teaching options, and with some research and experimentation on your part, you can find many ways to use them effectively for classroom instruction and student interaction.