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SAP Consultant Salary

SAP Consultant Salary

One of the most evident reasons to become skilled up in SAP is that you will be extraordinarily compensated. When I began my elementary SAP BW gig at a local insurance company, I was receiving more than double what my peers were getting. The hysterical detail was, no one had any idea what I did. They would say, “SAP? Is that a button on your remote control to enable Spanish audio”.

I would then go into an in depth explanation of how its an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool and how I was aligned to SAP BW/BI which focused on broadcasting and analytics of business data. Cue blank stares. You see, SAP is not like most IT jobs. It’s an animal all in it’s own. You command the system that is the businesses treasure. If the SAP system goes down, so does the business. That is why it’s crucial to have an independent employees of organization and directors (and the market) learn this by compensating SAP developers superbly. With simply no experience, other than being trained by SAP consultants at the start of my SAP career, I was netting over $60,000 USD. Not bad for just coming out of college. This payroll grows exponentially as you get more experienced in the SAP skill set. The topmost paying and fastest expanding SAP sector is the SAP BW and SAP BI field.

Independent Consulting – This is the most well-paid SAP consulting livelihood as you yourself are an enterprise. That means you get paid without deviation by an organization. You will make well over $100 USD an hour but will be in receipt of no perks such as 401k and medical. You will either be compensated a settled hourly rate of at least $100/hour + expenses or a fixed rate that is greater, like $150/hour that is comprehensive of expenses. You will need to weigh out your options before scoring a contract to be engaged in work for a set period of time. Normal overnight is Monday-Thursday and work from home on Fridays.

Consulting – Large corporations like Accenture, IBM, and Deloitte submit on projects with clients and when work is acquired, they need to staff the project with awesome employees. These employees (consultants) are reimbursed well, but not as well as being external. You are reimbursed a salary much like working in house and all expenses incurred are either billable to the client or the contracting body will make reparations for whatever the client will not. Normal travel is Monday-Thursday and work from home on Fridays. Anticipate to receive benefits and 401k assistance from the employer.

Full Time – The last option is being a member of a body working in the SAP area keeping the lights on and working on expanding the SAP footprint in the enterprise. In my experience, I see a clear decline of this type of laborer as more companies are seeking a variable workfore that consists of a mix of full time employees (FTEs) and Consultants/Contractors. Expect to receive benefits and 401k assistance from the employer.

Best of luck in your career and If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us.