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Robotic Conveyor Systems

Robotic Conveyor Systems

Robotic conveyor systems are used in modern automated factories, warehouses and cleaning processes. In fact robotics and car washing are nearly synonymous really. There are many cross over scientific technologies used in car washing indeed. Lots of stuff is involved in car washing that relates to a wide variety of sciences and all things in life for that matter. For instance; Physics, Water, efficiency, chemicals, environmental, pollution, energy, ionic bonding, lighting, crime prevention, labor management, signage, advertising, location, flows, cycles, temperatures, robotics, sonar, electronic eyes, video surveillance, impulse purchasing, manufacturing processes, quality control, building, contracting, computer kiosks, time, customer service, automotive. You name it, car washing has some of it, it is a lot to think of and everything relates to everything else in car washing.

Being involved in the car wash industry for 27 years taught me a lot about robotics. Automated car wash systems have been around now over 70 years, think about it, this was the very beginning of robotics, especially conveyor type robotics. Even in my other life endeavors such as becoming a pilot, athlete, motorcycle racer, franchisor and even politics seem to be aided by the many modern principles of car washing. There are few things missing from the car wash model. In car washing you deal with car owners from all professions, nationalities and walks of life, as everyone owns a car. Everyone you see? Everyone is your customer or future customer. It’s all one really. Everything kind of bleeds into everything else, no real definitive barriers like dimensions, airflows, songs & tunes, weather, cycles and the like. One is ending as another begins. Life kind of is like that too.

What I am getting at here is life really is like a conveyor type car wash if you think about it, isn’t it? You see artificial intelligence, trans-humanism, life-extension, robotics and car washing have lots in common. Just think much of the methodology of processes in manufacturing robotics today and assembly line type services originated at the car wash. As we develop Artificial Intelligence it will need to do many more of the things we are asking car washes to do today.

The key to the future of the car wash industry will be robotics and conveyor system processes along with artificial intelligence; so the machine will actually wash the car and dry it, take your money and tell you to have a wonderful day! Currently we are at 5.2{3bb2a8e703be8d5bb7fc1289a915cd39229c5bcd006c8cdf059732c7e19a8eab} unemployment Nationwide and car washing is hard work. Kids in school are entering robotics contests and robotics are heavy in play as the next generation will be big time into it and some; well, yes indeed, they will be working in the car washing sector.

Think of all the different industries that robotics, engineering and science today; will change our lives, work and standard of living tomorrow. I leave you with only a thought.