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Make Money Scrapbooking: Five Places You Can Teach Scrapbooking and Get Paid For It

Make Money Scrapbooking: Five Places You Can Teach Scrapbooking and Get Paid For It

Want to make money scrapbooking? Are you good with people and well-organized? Then teaching scrapbooking classes may be the perfect way for you to meld your love of your favorite hobby with your love of, well, MONEY! Let’s be blunt about it; scrapbook supplies don’t come cheap, so if you can find a way to earn a little bit from your favorite pastime, why not?

When people think about teaching papercrafts, their first thought is typically to head to their local scrapbook store and ask if they can put together a class. And while that approach is still a viable option, there are fewer and fewer local scrapbook stores around, so if you really want to become a paid instructor, you need to look a little broader for unique opportunities to each. Here are five other places you could consider teaching:

1. Local schools. Many schools have after-school enrichment programs put on by people in the community. From Lego Robotics to American Girl Dolls, these classes often draw a dozen or more kids for a once-a-week class. Call your local elementary schools to see if these sorts of programs exist. Note: In my experience, private schools are more flexible with their requirements. Ask to speak to their after-school care coordinator.

2. Senior centers. Who has more memories to document than the seniors in your community? And while their memories may be slipping a bit, that means they’ll recognize the value of creating scrapbooks. Call senior centers and ask to speak to the education or events coordinator.

3. Bookstores. Bookstores are not just spots to buy books; now they’re almost like city centers all on their own, offering everything from book groups to knitting nights. Especially if you can pick a project from a book or magazine they sell, they might be very willing to host your class. Ask to speak to the activities coordinator.

4. Libraries. Our library offers crochet classes, healthy eating seminars, and gardening workshops. Don’t you think a scrapbook class would be a natural addition to the mix? You could teach adults, seniors, or children — or a mom-and-me or grandma-and-me workshop or ongoing class.

5. Child care centers. Just as with schools, private child care centers like Kindercare are often looking for enrichment activities to offer their young charges. Think about creating a class around holidays, or through which participants design a gift for Mom or Dad for Mother’s or Father’s Day.