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Large Machining and Your World

Large Machining and Your World

You take advantage of large machining every day, possibly without even knowing it. But whether you know it or not, large machining has impacted your life as long as you’ve lived it. From the machines in the hospital where you were born, to the lasers and automated robots used to cut, form, and weld the components of the car that you drive and the building you live in.

First, consider the fact that you take advantage of tools and machines every day. You may think, “No I don’t, I work in an office!” But regardless of who you are, where you work, or where you live – you most definitely benefit from large machining every day. The computer you work on, the car you drive with, and the house you live in are all the modern result of years upon years of innovation. To learn more about the large machining that made them possible, read on.

It’s obvious that machines make a difference in our world. For instance, without machine tools – the industrial revolution would have never happened and the pioneers of industry wouldn’t have done things like mechanize manufacturing or send a locomotive across the country. Back then, the large machining that created manufacturing equipment introduced new products to the world with speed, precision, and quality that the world had never seen before.

Before the industrial revolution, all businesses had to rely on were hand tools used to laboriously cut, shape, and form raw materials into finished products like ships, furniture, cooking utensils, everyday necessities, and more. However, after the steam engine fully entered the industrial arena in the late 18th century, the necessity of hand tools slowly faded, creating a world of opportunity for industrialists to take advantage of for years to come.

Today, large machining influences you in more ways than you imagine. Large part machining, for example, is the source for large parts in everything from the products you use every day, to the machines that manufacture them. But where did it all begin? The first tool to provide large machining was the cylinder boring machine. While we have upgraded this machine substantially, the cylinder boring machine has been continuously utilized since the industrial revolution. Back then the cylinder boring machine was used as a critical tool to continue to advance the industrial world by boring the large cylinders used on early steam engines. Today, horizontal boring machines are used for everything from rock drilling and auger boring, to hollowing out large holes in metal pieces. Think of all the cylindrical tools, products, and components we rely on – from pipes to auto parts, they’ve all seen the business end of a horizontal boring machine.

So next time you see anything large and metal, think about the history behind it. The minds, hands, and intellects behind transforming small hand tools into large, fast, and mechanized machines that have shaped our world for centuries since. Without them we wouldn’t have the machinery, tools, and luxuries we’ve come to rely on every day.