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Job Description of Computerized Accounting Specialist

Job Description of Computerized Accounting Specialist

If you have a keen eye for detail and enjoy working with numbers, a career as a Computerized Accounting Specialist (CAS) could be right for you. A Computer Accounting Expert is familiar with the latest financial accounting and reporting software in the industry, and prepares the financial reports of a business in accordance with accepted account book principles and industry standards.

Since most businesses use computer software for accounting, a CAS must possess exceptional computer skills and familiarity with databases and spreadsheets. Computer Accounting Expert reduces the complex tasks related to financial record keeping and data management with the use of special software.

A CAS carries out a variety of accounting duties. They perform an array of financial tasks such as arranging and recording business transactions, integrating accounts, creating plans for mergers and acquisitions, tax strategies, and benefits management.

Computer Accounting Specialists find employment as payroll clerks, bookkeepers, and accounting clerks. However, the specific job responsibilities of a Computer Accounting Specialist depend upon the size of business.

Regardless of the job duties, all CAS positions require some post secondary training. Various vocational schools and local community colleges offer certificate, diploma and associate degree programs. These programs vary in duration but still provide the aspiring accounting specialist with rigorous accounting and computer training that focuses on business practices, communication and organization.

Additionally, these programs help students to develop problem solving abilities, management responsibilities, effective communication skills, and familiarity with industry-standard accounting software. You will also become proficient working with applications like Microsoft Excel and Quick Books Pro.

The Computer Accounting Expert training program provides students with basic skills in computerized accounting and includes general bookkeeping training as well as specialized training in computerized accounting. Besides classroom lectures, these programs include laboratory training for improvement and development of skills.

The curriculum includes study of topics like principles of accounting, computerized accounting, spreadsheet fundamentals, database management, business and corporate communication, financial reporting, and introduction to business law.

Due to the increasing computerization of accounting procedures, accounting positions are likely to become more competitive in the near future. Therefore, the best positions will be offered to those with comprehensive training and certification.

Depending upon employer, location and work experience, the salary of a Computer Accounting Specialist will vary widely. Due to the increasing number of financial transactions and regulatory requirements for increased record-keeping, Computer Accounting Specialist is expected to be one of the fastest growing professions in a recessionary economy.