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Environmental Social Perception

Environmental Social Perception

The care essential with Earth is the ethics of a sustainable world, Just as the individual, the community also has to adopt environment measures in the local ecosystem to take care of it.

People should seek to recycle materials, conserve all forms of life to ensure the dynamic equilibrium and biodiversity. People should take care of their city, its squares and public places, their houses and schools, their hospitals and churches, the theaters, cinemas, stadiums and in its monuments. People should know how to choose a species of plant for the local ecosystem

Investigations found that an increase in knowledge about the ecological crisis and the wounds of the Earth does not necessarily lead transform attitudes in more respect. The more a person suffers from environmental degradation, is outraged by the suffering of animals and revolts himself against the destruction of the green spot of the earth, the most attitudes of compassion and yearning, the protection of nature

The study of psychological processes related to environmental awareness are crucial to a better understand in the relationship of humans with the environment, whether individual or community, in their expectations, and conduct.

Strategies to decrease the gap between rich and poor is to be treated in practice by providing ecological viable means of existence, with institutional implications, encouraging the respect for the environment and long-term vision for the conservation of resources meeting the social needs to economic efficiency.

The knowledge of how people act and why they act, associated with the community organization, networks of influence and the intensity and form of community participation is needed to determine where and how to act, to promote the participation and co – responsibility of all involved in a more appropriate management of the earth.

The perception involves the selection, identification and encoding of information within a context of information. The attitude of the group and companies are according with their culture and accepts as true the message, which is consistent with the images of society.

The area of research concerning the environmental perception of relations between man and the biosphere can be summarized in the form of 5 objectives:

a) Contribute to a more rational use of resources of the biosphere harmonizing local knowledge (the interior) and those available in outside;

b) Increase in all fields based on rational understanding the different perceptions of the environment;

c) Encourage local participation in the development and planning, to a more efficient processing and more appropriate;

d) help to preserve or to record the perceptions and knowledge systems of environment, which are in the way of rapid disappearance in many rural areas,

e) act as an educational tool and agent of change and look for opportunities to train people on the search.

Behind the companies, polluting and exploiting the natural resources there is a whole chain of links where the whole society can be confronted.

Regard the social, economic, environmental, cultural, and technological areas, a decision, before the environmental issue can be highlighted by positive and negative factors of business.

Given this reality is a worldwide movement that seeks to give due value to nature and people, and achieve, therefore, profits and competitive advantages by applying the solid capitalist principles not only to manufacturing and financial capital, but also the two most important forms of capital – nature and people – without which no life and, therefore, economic activity.

The evolution of the environmental issue leads to the need for greater integration and strengthening of links between development and environment, which in turn helped the emergence of the term Sustainable Development.

Environmental problems are shared by all humanity, however, are perceived by only a small fraction of the population and an even smaller portion of implementing public or private are aware of them.

Changes in the way of thinking and acting of this small but representative group of people and institutions have produced a series of initiatives in pursuit of sustainable development.

To ensure the sustainability of its business companies are starting to eliminate the waste from their processes and use of “rational” natural resources. All forms of pollution should be understood as expressions of inefficient production processes, also representing one of the most appropriate and sustainable ways of adding value to the organization

The awareness and empowerment of people involved directly or indirectly in this process has a fundamental importance.

The environmental perception of people must be stimulated and thus contribute to the effectiveness of training environmental impacts. The empowerment of people sensitized and aware is more effective than that performed without a base on those initiatives.

It is essential the existence of local leaders to encourage the participation participatory social mobilization aimed at trying to identify the key local issues and recognition of social issues, the establishment of links with reality, the discovery of social concerns and the quest for citizenship.

From goals of social work the opportunity to improve the quality of life of all. The communities that achieve the development of citizenship are difficult to find, which should be aspiration for all.

In any social movement, such as environmentalism, its organization and its own history of struggle generate an awareness, open spaces and conditions for carrying out its purposes. The environmental movement is characterized by a pluralistic and heterogeneous composition, which are forming alliances around common goals such as conservation of nature, the survival of man on Earth, life quality, community participation in natural resources management, anti positions -nuclear, toxic wastes, among others. the educational model, where education is geared to sustainability.