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Doha: A City Full of Energy and Events

Doha: A City Full of Energy and Events

The capital city of the world’s richest country, Doha is the backbone of the Qatar’s economy. Literally translated as ‘The Big Tree’, Doha has been at the center of all the major activities held in and done by Qatar. Being the host of the Asian Games, 2006 brought the city in the limelight, and it has been shining gloriously since then. Filled with an invigorating environment which gives equal importance to the rapid progress and old traditions, one can roam around old souqs and gorgeous malls and see the crux of Doha in both.

Doha, in recent times, has become sort of a regional cultural hub, and has been associated with a lot of cultural activities, meets and events of national and international importance. With museums, malls and seaside promenades, Doha offers diverse experiences to tourists. It is lavish in every aspect as the economy is on a major high, which has led to the thriving tourism scene. All the sectors like education, travel, sports and culture have flourished, which now leads Doha to becoming a world class city.

Talking about events and meets of cultural importance on an international level, Qatar is all set to host the WISE summit. The World Innovation Summit for Education, an initiative by the Qatar Foundation, deals with global issues and applications in the field of education. Another event of grave importance that is scheduled in Doha in the upcoming months is the 2013 Doha Carbon and Energy Forum. Interactive workshops, debates and discussions on the need to curb consumption and help the environment shall take place in DCEF 2013.

With such conventions, Doha balances the seriousness with fun. Various concerts and entertainment events are held in Doha, complementing the high and lavish lifestyle of the city. One of the major upcoming events in this sector is the live concert of ‘the man with the golden voice’, Alessandro Safina. He is known to fuse his opera roots with modern day music, and his live concert with a full orchestra backing him up is a spectacular experience. With the World Swimming Championships approaching in 2014, Doha is bound to grab eyeballs for sure.

The city is a mix of exciting features. With Doha progressing in various aspects, tourists can have a field day at the city. There are various travelling options in Doha, but the best way is car rental. There cannot be a more convenient and comfort filled conveyance mode, especially for groups who are interested in being a part of the various events happening in Doha. A car rental in Doha is not only luxurious, but also economically viable for groups.