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Cyber Caliphate Association?

Cyber Caliphate Association?

Just chanced upon this interesting read off CNN.

Looks like the war on terror that the 43rd President of the United States waged has spiraled into another sphere of war.

From the conventional means of fighting wars on the front, we have now transitioned into cyber warfare.

And it cannot mean too good for us.

Similarly with the reporters without borders, where the freedom of the press doesn’t stop at a country’s jurisdiction, us, normal citizens are being embroiled into a war that we do not want, where crime does not recognize the limitations of the physical world.

If we dissect it simply, terrorists or self proclaimed jihadists are fighting for a cause. To fight for the name of Islam. But these terrorists have the faintest idea that their ideology is perverted by their preachers or whoever that they proclaimed their clerics to be.

The job of fighting these crime that was commonly known to use firearms and brutal force, were always checked by our crime fighting organizations.

These terrorist organizations have grown savvy over the decade… and comes along the C.C.A– or the Cyber Caliphate Association.

These breed of criminals are different, they engage their warfare in a different manner where no firearms, or brutal force is required. They comprise of individuals who are talented and possess skills which no ordinary terrorist has.

What scares me most is how safe Singapore would be from such attacks? Our economy survives on infrastructures which are mostly digitized and on platforms which are stored and locked away in the cyber world, and like just any doors, they can be unlocked if the perpetrator is skilled enough.

Live case scenario

How do we insure ourselves from these attacks? No doubt the Singapore government is always assuring us that our cyber security is equipped with the best defenses. There has been cases where money were missing, unauthorized withdrawals made. And since then, there has been very few cases reported where money were stolen.

My concern is, if it was this easy to steal money, what about personal data? What about the safety of our assets, social security passwords and so on?

Protect yourself from unauthorized usage of your personal data by registering your contact details via the PDPA website. This is the least we can do to protect ourselves from the prying hands of cyber-terrorists like the CCA.

The biggest risk is not to do anything.