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10 Multiple Choice Questions Free – CCNA Practice Exam – 640-802

10 Multiple Choice Questions Free – CCNA Practice Exam – 640-802

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

After you study your text books it is important to test your newly acquired knowledge and see just how well you have absorbed the material. Practice exams….

– Reinforce what you learnt – fill in the gaps of what you missed

– Get you used to answering questions to build confidence and familiarity

Here are 10 Multiple Choice exams questions for you to practice on:

Question 1# – Which of the following are ways to provide login access to a router? (choose all that apply)


B. Aux Port

C. Console


E. Telnet


Question 2# – Which statement is true regarding the user exec and privileged exec mode?

A. They both require the enable password

B. User exec is a subset of the privileged exec

C. The ‘?’ only works in Privileged exec

D. They are identical

Question 3# – This modem standard has a speed of 28.8k and has error-correction features.

A. V.42

B. V.32bis

C. V.90

D. V.34

Questions 4# – What would be the proper command to set a DCE clock rate of 56k for a serial interface?

A. Router (config) # clockrate 56000

B. Router# clockrate 56000.

C. Router (config-if) #clock rate 56000

D. Router (config-if) # clockrate 56k

Question 5# – What is an example of a MAC address?

A. Az32:6362:2434

B. BA:281x:8288

C. 101:354:665:8734:ffd6:8023

D. A625:cbdf:6525

Question 6# – Which command does not show that two devices are failing to route packets between them successfully?

A. show interface

B. trace

C. telnet

D. ping

Question 7# – You are designing a network which needs to support 200 users. You don’t plan to extend the segment beyond the current number of users. Which subnet mask would best meet your needs? Select the best answer.






Question 8# – MAC is to Ethernet what ________ is to Frame Relay.




D. None of the above

Question 9# – The 802.2 frame specifies a type whereas 802.3 frame specifies a length:

A. True

B. False

Question 10# – What is used to see if a client is still connected to a NetWare server?

A. Spoofing TCP/SAP

B. Watchdog packet

C. GNS Round Robin

D. DNS Round Robin


Question 1 – Correct Answers: B,C,E

Question 2 – Correct Answers: B

Question 3 – Correct Answers: A

Question 4 – Correct Answers: C

Question 5 – Correct Answers: D

Question 6 – Correct Answers: A

Question 7 – Correct Answers: B

Question 8 – Correct Answers: A

Question 9 – Correct Answers: A

Question 10 – Correct Answers: B